Salt Water Pool Maintenance

“A salt water pool can offer greater affordability & reduced maintenance.”

Less Work, More Fun

Both fresh water and salt water pools rely on chlorine to sanitize the water against bacteria, viruses, and germs. The difference is that a fresh water pool requires you to continually add chlorine, while a salt water pool does the work for you. Simply add salt to pool water and the salt cell automatically turns it into chlorine when the pump is on.

Benefits of a Salt Water Pool
• Less maintenance. No need to add chlorine every week.
• Requires fewer chemicals than a fresh water pool
• You only need to add salt to pool water once or twice a year.
• Provides consistent chlorine levels. In fresh water pools, it’s common to have high chlorine levels at the beginning of the week when you first add chlorine tablets, and low levels by the end of the week.


Do You Need Additional Equipment for a Salt Water Pool?

A salt water pool requires a salt generator, which consists of a salt cell and a control board. The salt cell is the component responsible for turning salt into chlorine. It can detect when chlorine levels are too low or too high. The salt cell is equipped with metal plates that receive an electrical charge from the control board when chlorine is needed. Thanks to a scientific process known as electrolysis, the charge turns salt into chlorine.
The control board is the component that allows you to monitor and manage chlorine levels.

The chemicals required for a fresh water pool can cost $500 per year. The salt for a salt water pool is less than $10 per year.

Don’t Get Salty Over Pool Maintenance

Salt water pools require less maintenance than fresh water pools. Post-installation of a salt generator, there are just a few things to keep up with:

• Your pool needs to have sufficient salinity levels to trigger the salt cell into producing chlorine.
• Every few months, you’ll need to clean the salt cell using a specialized solution. We offer full-service pool cleaning and maintenance—learn more.

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