Pool Remodeling & Resurfacing

“Even a small pool can take days to resurface on your own. Let us help.”

Enhancements for Your Pool

At Pools by Signature, our goal is to augment the value of your pool by adding exclusive touches. You can add ambiance by adding exclusive new lighting to your pool. Available in a rainbow of colors, new lighting helps create a unique look. New decking around the pool, including pavers or stamped concrete designs make your pool more inviting, and create a beautiful exotic area for entertaining around the pool. Another service provided by Pools by Signature is new pool coping. New coping can enrich the appearance of your pool. Pool coping is often cantilever concrete or brick coping. More choice in coping include travertine or natural stone as well as paver coping. In addition to new coping, Pools by Signature also installs new waterline tiles to add to the unique style of your pool. Waterline tiles comes in a number of creative styles from tropical blues to detailed mosaics to Spanish motifs to distinct creations made just for your pool.



Pools by Signature understands your pool is an investment in your home, your health and happiness. Not only do we keep your pool clean and maintained, operating at maximum efficiency, we also perform remodeling to add new features (like a spa), to clean existing features (like a full pool acid wash), to increase the size of your pool, or to improve its aesthetic appearance with new decking, coping, or tiling.

Pool Improvements

At Pools by Signature, our professional team can also help with pool improvements. Consider the performance of a full pool acid wash, (also known as a drain and clean) to restore the beauty of your pool. The acid wash process will remove stains which are the result of neglect, stagnancy, or extensive algae blooms.

The team at Pools by Signature can renovate your pool, changing its shape or making it larger. While changing the shape of a pool or enlarging it is a complicated process, our experts will guide you through the process of enhancing your pool to meet your needs and expectations.

Adding a Spa or Hot Tub

Spas are a great feature for your home, adding value, beauty, and health benefits, including stress reduction, enhance blood circulation, and ease pain. We offer portable spas, inground spas, and inground spas attached to your existing pool. You choose the surface, as well as add-on options (lighting, jets, system, size, etc.) to create your customized look.


Pools by Signature offers the beautiful diamond bright resurfacing for your pool. The ideal solution if your pool is showing a bit of wear and tear with chipping or other damage it may be time for resurfacing. The size of your pool, along with the materials and design will determine the cost for your pool resurfacing project. The diamond bright features a beautiful shimmering blend of colored quartz aggregates. It comes in a number of hues and last for up to 12 years. When making your selection, your color choice will affect the appearance of your water. Adding underwater lighting can add even greater impact.

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