Leak Detection & Repair

“Even a small pool can take hours to clean on your own. Let us help.”

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When you think you have a leak in your pool, the first step is to call on the team of professionals at Pools by Signature. At first glance, you might think “it’s only a tiny leak, I can handle it” but trust us, that tiny leak can quickly become big problem if not handled by a pool professional. Call and let us take care of your small leak quickly, and save you time, money, and unwanted stress. Our team is ready to take your call. With our state-of-the-art Leak Detection Technology and Repair, we will identify the problem, provide you with a solution, fix your leak, and restore your peace of mind.

Clues to a Potential Leak

Your pool can lose around a ¼ inch of water a day from heat and evaporation. Many people have an automatic fill device making it even harder to determine if your pool is losing more water than average. These tips will help you determine if you have a potential leak:

• A sudden increase in your water bill
• Puddles of water and soggy grass outside the pool
• An increased need for chemicals
• New cracks on the deck (a result of the ground settling)

Give the Leak Bucket Test a Try

If you are still uncertain about whether to call Pools by Signature, give the bucket test a try. The leak bucket test is a simple and accurate way to identify a leak in your pool.

Step 1 – Bring your pool to its normal water level.
Step 2 – Fill an empty bucket with pool water to one inch from the top.
Step 3 – Place the filled bucket on the first or second step of your pool. (You can add weights if it starts to float.)
Step 4 – Mark the water level inside your bucket.
Step 5 – Mark the water level of the pool on the outside of the bucket or on the pool wall.
Step 6 – Turn the pump on.
Step 7 – Operate your pool like normal for 24 hours.
Step 8 – Compare the levels. If the pool water level goes down more than the bucket water level, you probably have a leak.

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