What Should Your Weekly Pool Maintenance Include?

What Should Your Weekly Pool Maintenance Include?

Weekly pool maintenance is key to a long-lasting pool that is safe, looks great, and doesn’t make anyone sick. Failure to maintain your pool can result in all types of issues – including costly repairs.

Here Are 7 of the Most Important Weekly Pool Maintenance Tasks

Skim pool surface

A great deal of debris will build up on the surface of your pool in a week’s time. Getting rid of all of this gunk before it has a chance to clog your filters – or interfere with your swim – is important.

Vacuum the pool

Any debris that float to the bottom of your pool require attention as well. That’s where a vacuum comes in handy. A pool vacuum set in motion 24/7 needs to be checked on a regular basis to ensure it’s still working properly. In addition, suction heads on auto-cleaners need to be cleaned out.

Brush pool tiles 

Cleaning pool tiles will help prevent a buildup of calcium and mold. When left untended to, this can create serious stains that require more extensive repairs to remove.

Brush the sides and bottom of the pool

Deep cleaning the sides and bottom of your pool will prevent micro-organisms as well as mold from building up on your pool. This may prolong the need to resurface your swimming pool, it will also keep it looking better for longer. Not to mention, it can improve the overall health of your water along with anyone swimming in it.

Clean out the skimmer basket & the pump basket

Your pool skimmer basket is an important part of your pool system that collects overflow surface water and filters out leaves and other debris. It prevents larger debris from entering the pipes of the filter and clogging things up. This basket needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis.

Inspect important working components

There are several aspects of your pool that require regular inspection to prevent issues from building up. For instance, the main drain covers, as well as filter covers must be inspected. We also make sure to check that the pumps and pipes are in good working order without any signs of leaks. In addition, the pump motor must be checked, along with the pump time clock. The heater function should also be verified.

Check chemical levels

Chemical levels must be checked on a weekly basis, especially in chlorine pools – salt water pools do much of this work on their own. Improper chemical levels can lead to surfaces breaking down faster than they should, they can also make people sick or irritate the skin and eyes of swimmers. Chemical levels must be balanced and added to as needed.

Additional Pool Cleaning Services

There are other services that may be necessary from time-to-time, such as:

Chlorine washes: This removes the build-up of green or mustard algae.

Acid wash the entire pool: Acid washing is more serious than a chlorine wash, it requires completely draining the pool and then applying an acid solution to remove a very thin layer from the top surface of your pool. This removes calcium deposits and stains.

Fill/drain pool: From acid washing your pool to cleaning up after a storm, there are many reasons you may need to drain and re-fill your pool.

Leak detection: If you notice the water draining too quickly from your pool, you’ll need to perform tests to uncover if and where you have a leak. Then, the proper repairs must be made to address the situation.

Pump & System Repair: At some point in time, every pool will require some type of pump or system repair. Making these repairs in a timely manner is key.

Pools by Signature – The Experts in Pool Maintenance

The average individual spends over 12 hours a month maintaining and cleaning their pool. Luckily, you can hire a professional service to take care of the hard work for you. Why not spend your time enjoying your pool instead of working on it?

At Pools by Signature, we offer a comprehensive list of weekly pool maintenance services to ensure your pool remains in top condition. We also offer add-on services that you can select on an as-needed basis.