How to Test Your Pool for a Leak

How to Test Your Pool for a Leak

It’s time to test your pool for a leak if your pool appears to be losing water. Keep in mind, even pools in top-notch condition will lose a little water each day due to evaporation – less than ½ of an inch per day is considered normal. If your pool is losing over ½ to 1 inch of water a day, it’s time to test for a leak.

Before you can repair the leak, it’s important to identify where the leak is located and how severe it is.

What If You Ignore the Problem?

Ignoring the problem will only lead to bigger problems. Sure, you can keep refilling your pool, but this will lead to an increase in your water bill – and that’s the least of your worries. On top of that, when water leaks beneath the pool it will weaken the subsoil, which helps hold up your swimming pool.

How to Test Your Pool for a Leak: The 5-gallon Bucket Test

It only takes one day and a 5-gallon bucket, along with some painter’s tape and water, to find out if your pool does in fact have a leak.

Step 1: Fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and place it right next to your swimming pool.

Step 2: Use painter’s tape to mark the top of the water

Step 3: Place painter’s tape on the water line in your pool – this should not harm your vinyl liner

Step 4: 24 hours later, measure the difference in water levels found in your pool and bucket

If the pool has lost more water than the bucket, you have a leak. If the loss of water is about the same, you’re simply losing water due to evaporation.

How to Find the Location of the Leak

You can find the location of your leak using food coloring. First, make sure the pool is completely full and then get your bottle of food coloring ready to go.

You can feel around the bottom of your pool for any areas that feel squishy – this is a sign that there is a leak in the area and offers a good place to start.

Simply pour the food coloring into the water and watch it carefully, the dye will flow with the water towards the leak. You may need to continue adding food coloring around your pool until you get close enough to the leak to see it travel down to it. Once it is placed close enough to the leak, it will flow directly into it.

What About Leaks in the Electrical or Filtration System?

You may have a leak in the electrical or filtration system of your pool, this is pretty simple to check for. Simply check the electrical conduit lines that run from your pool’s lights to make sure there are no signs of moisture or leaks. There should be no signs of water on the wires.

Notice moisture? It’s time to call out a professional to identify the exact cause and location of the leak, as well as to address the problem.

You’ll need to turn off the filtration system to see if the water system for the pool is leaking. Check out all of the pipes, fittings and around the pump for any signs of moisture.

How to Fix a Leak in Your Pool

At Signature Pools, we are experts at finding and fixing all types of pool leaks – from leaks in the liner to leaks in the pump or filter. First, we identify the location and severity of the leak in order to provide you with your options for addressing the problem. Our goal is always to find the most cost effective and long-lasting solution so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

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