8 Inspirational Ideas for Patio Remodeling

8 Inspirational Ideas for Patio Remodeling

From the best hardscapes for patios to adding the right focal point to your space, check out some of our favorite ideas for patio remodeling in South Florida.

8 Ideas for Remodeling Your South Florida Patio

#1. Add a Ceiling Fan

It gets mighty hot in Florida and you need a way to keep the air flowing on your patio so that you and your guests remain comfortable. A great way to do that is to install one or more ceiling fans to your covered patio. This will help keep air circulating during South Florida’s hot summer months. 

#2. Add Privacy

Make your patio more private by employing the right props. Trees as well as vines that weave up and around a fence will help make your patio space more private so that neighbors can’t see inside. Lattice walls are a popular way to improve privacy while creating an oasis in your own backyard. A basic fence is one of the easiest and low maintenance ways to enclose a patio; simply add some vines to the mix to spruce it up.

#3. Hardscapes for Patios

Concrete pavers come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and are moderately priced. They create a stylish floor surface for your patio that isn’t too much work to maintain. Plus, pavers are easier and more affordable to repair than a concrete slab and they tend to look better.

Clay pavers are another great option for patio hardscapes. They are incredibly durable and maintain their coloring over time, which makes them an excellent choice for uncovered patios exposed to the sun.

Irregular flagstone creates a unique look to any patio space, while the intricate lines help break up the architecture. It creates a nice flat surface to put furniture on as well. But keep in mind, stone is heavy and more expensive to install than the options outlined above.

#4. Add a Focal Point

Create something that guests can gather around on your patio. There are a lot of different options, including a fire pit. If local regulations prevent a traditional open wood fire pit, you could always opt instead for a natural gas fire pit. Florida is naturally warm and so you might not feel the need to add more warmth to your get togethers. In which case, consider adding a coy pond or other water feature.

#5. Create a Rain Garden

Create a rain garden with native plants around the outside of your home to capture rainwater. Start hardscape elements just outside of the rain garden so that water doesn’t fall directly on hardscapes from your house, but instead goes to the plants, trees, and areas that really need it. This is better for the environment and adds a nice aesthetic touch. Native plants are your best bet because they thrive in the natural soil and water conditions in your area.

#6. Add String Lights

String lights have been a go-to fixture for sprucing up patios for years now, and they continue to light the way in terms of style and functionality. String lights are beautiful plus they serve an important function – giving light to your patio space after dark.

#7. Patio Furniture Matters

Patio furniture makes a big difference when it comes to creating an inviting space. Invest in quality, cozy outdoor furniture that’ll invite guests to lounge outdoors. Just make sure the pieces you purchase can stand up to the elements. Simply adding new furniture to a patio can completely transform it from old and outdated to beautiful and chic.

#8. Add a Cover

If your patio is not covered by some type of permanent structure, you can always invest in a portable gazebo or tent to shade the area and help protect your furniture from the elements. This addition will allow you to enjoy the space rain or shine.

Pro Tip: You can add a patio to any unused space – it doesn’t have to be right outside of your home. Even a far-flung portion of your backyard can be transformed into an inviting patio space.

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